Guitar Lessons

The guitar seems to be as popular an instrument as ever and is an integral tool in the writing and production of much of todays modern music. Certainly since the 1950’s, the guitar has played a prominent role in our ‘pop’ culture. Children are still very much ‘in awe’ of this great instrument and it is currently the most popular instrument we teach.

Our guitar teachers are very flexible and cover many different styles of playing, including classical, spanish, blues, country, rock, metal and pop etc. The guitar is a very versatile instrument and our tuition reflects this. Some pupils may decide to start on a nylon strung classical  guitar, others on steel strung acoustics, and others perhaps on electric guitars. Our teachers will adapt to each pupil. Bass guitar can also be covered.

Our guitar pupils are generally required to have their own instrument and suitable carry case. For information and advice on suitable guitars please visit ‘choosing the right guitar’.

One important aspect of learning to play the guitar is learning to play chords. These may seem tricky at first but even having a repertoire of four or five chords is all your child needs to perform many different songs (just listen to Status Quo).

Guitar tablature is also taught to most of our guitar pupils and is a form of guitar notation (a particular form of written music). Thousands of guitar riffs and melody lines are available in ‘tablature’ form on various internet sites dedicated to guitar music and is a fun way for children to discover and learn new material.

All new guitar starters receive a free folder and Musicworks notebook. The notebooks contain blank manuscript designed specifically for writing tablature music on and are also to be used to set-out weekly practice.

Guitar lesson options are similar to that of our keyboard lessons and are available as small group or as individual one-to-one tuition. See ‘keyboard & guitar’ for all available options and prices.

There are currently several exam boards offering graded guitar examinations, covering various styles of playing. The two boards we tend to prefer for guitar are RGT and Rock School. These exams help develop technique and provide a well structured programme to aid your child’s progress. They generally have a more modern, up-to-date approach with a fun and exciting syllabus.

Learning to read music will be an integral part of your child’s lessons with Musicworks and you may be required, at some stage, to purchase a tutor book. Our teachers will advise your child as to which book is suitable. The following books are our used by some of our guitar teachers:

‘Progressive Guitar Book 1 For Young Beginners’ By Andrew Scott & Gary Turner’

‘RGT – Acoustic Guitar Playing – Initial Grade’

‘RGT – Rock Guitar Playing – Initial Grade’