Choosing the right keyboard:

A five octave, full size key, arranger (portable) electronic keyboard is required for keyboard lessons with Musicworks. These keyboards allow you to select many different voices (different instrument sounds like trumpet, flute etc.) and have an auto accompaniment section, which applies a kind of ‘backing track’. There are many different auto-accompaniment ‘styles’ to choose from (disco, jazz, pop, dance, etc.) and these are controlled by the left hand, which plays chords. The right hand generally plays the melody, using the selected voice (instrument).  When played with both hands together, using the auto accompaniment, the keyboard allows the player to sound like a ‘full band’.

Makes and models to consider are the Yamaha PSR or YPT range, the Casio CTK range or various Technics and Roland arranger keyboard models.  A budget of under £100 will certainly buy you one of the beginner models in the aforementioned Yamaha and Casio ranges.

Here are some current keyboard makes and models worth considering:

Yamaha F50 (around £80)

Yamaha YPT 230 (around £100)

Yamaha PSR E253 (around £120)

Yamaha PSR 353 (around £160)

Yamaha PSR E443 (around £240)

Casio CTK 1100 (around £80)

Casio CTK 2200 (around £130)

Casio CTK 3200 (around £150)

Most keyboards come supplied with a power adapter and music rest but please note that a soft carrying case will be required for transporting your keyboard safely to and from school. Suitable 61 key length soft cases are available for around £20.


Here’s a video demo of the Yamaha PSR353 which currently retails at around £160…