How Our Lessons Work

All our lessons are taught on school premises and may be before, after or during normal school hours depending on each individual school’s arrangements. They are taught on a weekly basis, during term time, with 30 minutes being the maximum length of each lesson.

You can choose for your child to be taught as part of a small group of up to 4 pupils (the cheaper option), to be taught in even smaller groups of 2, or to receive individual lessons. Ukulele lessons are generally taught in groups of up to 8 pupils at a time. Drums can be taught in groups of 2 or as individual lessons. Group lessons are usually preferred for beginners, with children enjoying the social aspect of learning an instrument and the fun of performing together as a group. As your child progresses and develops you may opt for individual lessons. These are especially beneficial if your child is preparing to sit an exam on their chosen instrument.

For most primary school pupils the lessons are normally scheduled for the same time every week, whereas a rotating timetable is usually implemented for secondary school and sixth form pupils. Your child will be responsible for attending each lesson on time, however, we know that children can be ‘forgetful’ and so our teachers will try their best to help see that your child attends each scheduled lesson.

All new Musicworks’ pupils receive a free folder and notebook. These notebooks are designed to help with weekly practice.

All our pupils (excluding drum kit) are expected to have their own instrument and to take these instruments to each lesson, along with their music folder and notebook. In some of our schools however, instruments may be provided for the duration of the lesson. Your child will be notified by their teacher in this instance.

Please visit ‘choosing a suitable instrument’ for advice.

Ukulele pupils receive an instrument and tutor book as part of their initial package.


Please take the time to read our ‘terms and conditions‘ for other important information regarding our lessons and how they work.